Adult Christian Education

Please join our congregation as we journey through
Advent 2018

with the daily devotional and Advent practical suggestions   
“The Christmas You’ve Always Longed For”

These sturdy booklets contain practical tools, ideas, prayers and devotions to help individuals and families slow down and make a plan that keeps Christ at the center of our activities so that when Christmas Day arrives, we will celebrate the true meaning of the day.     These will be distributed to our congregation on Nov. 25 so they can begin to ready their homes and lives for the first Sunday of Advent and every year after.

Please join us for the spring 2018 Bible Study:

The Bible & It’s Interpretation:
A historical overview of the Bible in Western Culture

Each Monday night beginning April 2 at 7:00 through May 28, 2018 AN ADULT COURSE OF STUDY
The study will be based on Pastor Jeff’s lecture notes developed from a course offered by the Rev. Dr. Peter Gomes. The study will explore much of the history behind the creation of the Bible, how it has been interpreted by Western Culture and the challenges we face in how we look at the Bible today.

All are welcome so please share this with anyone you think might be interested. Questions should be directed to Pastor Jeff.

Here is a listing of the topics to be covered at each session:

April 2  The Christian Bible and the Problem of Interpretation/The Movement Toward “Fixity:” Determining the Shape of Scripture

April 9  Principles and Profiles in Interpretation/Augustine: the Father of Interpretation

April 16  Martin Luther: Sola Scriptura and the Politics of Constipation/John Calvin: The enjoyment of God in a Fallen World

April 23  The purging of the Margins: King James and the Protestant Consensus/The Great Migration: The Bible and the Exemplary Nation

April 30  From Commentary to Criticism: The Germans, Harvard, and the Text/William Ellery Channing and the Baltimore Sermon

May 7  The Bible as a Text Book for Social Reform: The case of Slavery/Charles Hodge and the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints

May 14  Charles Augustus Briggs and Protestant Modernism/Pius X and Catholic Modernism

May 21  Fundamentalism: Battling for the Bible/Modernism: Adapt or Die

May 28  Neo-Orthodoxy: Closing the Barn Door/Black Power: The Politics of Inclusion/The Feminist Hermeneutic: What has SHE got to do with it?