Palm Sunday Choir Festival

2018 Annual Palm Sunday Choir Festival
March 25th
7pm at the Bradford Congregational Church


Planning for this year’s Palm Sunday Choir Festival is well underway and we hope you can attend and participate. This year we are asking choirs, individuals and groups to limit their presentations to 4 minutes or less in order to give everyone the same amount of time. For most, that will mean one anthem or selection. (Please keep in mind the amount of time required to go to the platform and get ready to sing.)

The combined chorus presentations will be:

O Lord, Hear Us/Kyrie Eleison by Marty Parks (available now)
Abide With Me
by Victor Johnson (being shipped)
At the Foot of the Cross
by Lee Dengler (being shipped)

Please let me know how many copies your combined chorus singers need. We will have one rehearsal the afternoon of the festival (4:30). Therefore, we are asking you to rehearse these pieces on your own.

To hear O Lord Hear Us by Parks click on:
To view and download the score click O-Lord-Hear-Us

To hear Abide With Me by Johnson click on:

To hear At the Foot of the Cross by Dengler click on:

It is our fondest hope that every one of you will join in this combined presentation.

Please let me know as quickly as possible if your choir will be able to come and do you know anyone in your town who likes to sing who I can contact to join us for the combined numbers?


Marcia Tomlinson
802 449 4689 (please leave a message)