Upcoming Service Notes, March 22, 2016, Children’s Sunday

We are bringing back the tradition of Children’s Sunday this week. The children will be a part of the entire service, helping lead it and being celebrated in it.

We have an extraordinary Board of Christian Education at the moment–not only has it done amazing work this year and created a loving, light-filled space and program for the children, but also every one of the four either grew up in the church or had ancestors who did or both, and now they are bringing their own children here.  It is quite moving! While in generations past this might have been the norm, today it is rare to find a church with a Christian Ed team with roots this deep.  It is also rare to find a church that has as many children as we do–16 are listed in the bulletin! I know of much larger churches with far fewer children today.  We have an abundance to celebrate!

We will hear two gospel passages about children, Matthew 18:1-5 and Mark 10:13-16, and we will sing In the Bulb There Is a Flower (Hymn of Promise) and All Things Bright and Beautiful, and the children will sing Jesus Loves Me.  We will present Bibles to children in 3rd Grade and older, and bedtime Bible story books to the younger school age children.

Please plan to stay for special refreshments, and go out of your way to tell the children and their parents how much you appreciate them!  Thank you!