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Announcing a new workshop, “A Healthy Congregation: Putting It All Together”

  • Saturday, October 29, 2016, 8:45AM – 1:30 PM

The workshop will be on Saturday, October 29th, starting with registration and refreshments at 8:45 AM, presentations and interactive learning from 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM at the Bradford Congregational Church, UCC, 145 North Main Street, Bradford, Vermont.

Registration is $10 per person. Lunch and printed materials will be provided at no additional cost. Please pre-register or make a reservation to guarantee we have enough food and hand-outs.

You do not have to have attended a prior workshop.

Workshop leader Nancy Permenter Brown, MSW has been conducting workshops in this field for twenty years for churches, schools, nonprofits and parents. She was one of the first people trained by Dr. Peter Steinke in the Healthy Congregations model. Over the past fifteen years Nancy has integrated that model with her other training in conflict resolution, mediation and approaches to meeting basic psychological needs. Her extensive experience in working with congregations, communities and families has helped her refine these tools to be effective in a variety of situations and settings.

Nancy’s first two workshops on related topics with us were rated 4.78 out of 5  for their usefulness.  People said, “One of the most informative and well-organized presentations I have ever attended,” and “Very intelligent, responsive, prepared, fun and respectful.”

Participants will learn skills that can benefit primarily faith communities, but also schools, town committees, businesses and nonprofits, as well as families.

 You will learn in this workshop:

  • The importance of healthy leadership during times of change and anxiety, and how ineffective leadership can cause a congregation or community to spiral into trouble;
  • Characteristics of healthy leaders and leadership;
  • How leaders are instrumental in the development of healthy congregations or communities;
  • How all the components of a healthy congregation/community work together and depend on one another;
  • A review and exploration of how the components of a healthy congregation/community work together including:
    • Cultivating a strong sense of belonging and shared mission;
    • Focusing on strengths;
    • Appreciating differences;
    • Practicing caring (healthy) communication;
    • Responding creatively to change;
    • Responding well to conflict;
  • And an overview of the additional components of healthy communities including: managing emotions; cultivating gratitude; embracing beginning anew as a way of life; and systems thinking.

 To register or make reservations:

  1. Register online by clicking here.
  2. Mail your name and check made out to BMSA to Ginny Moore, PO Box 604, Bradford, VT 05033; or,
  3. Call Ginny at 802-222-9675; or,
  4. Email us at

DONATIONS are more than welcome to keep registration fees low. Please make all checks out to Bradford Board of Mission and Social Action (or BMSA).

For directions and contact information click here.

If you have any problems or questions, please email us at: or call Ginny Moore at 802-222-9675 or Marcia Tomlinson at 802-449-4689.

Some photos from the March 5th workshop:

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