Thanksgiving, 2017

51254-Thanksgiving-Day-Prayer“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” Westlake Taylor Purkiser (1910–1992)  preacher, scholar, and author






At Bradford Congregational Church we like to put into action the gratitude we feel. Here’s one way to get started today:

  1. Think about what you can do well … knitting? cooking? carpentry? mechanics? wood stacking? decorating? writing? singing? organizing? gardening?

2. Now think about that special person who taught you how to do this thing, or how to improve a natural talent.

  • Was it the aunt who patiently guided young fingers in knit one purl one?
  • Was it the retired neighbor who showed you how to use a router?
  • Was it the teacher who took extra time to inspire a young writer?
  • Was it the mechanic who taught an eager youngster how to change his first oil filter?
  • Was it the veterinarian who showed an interested child how to whistle to a sheep dog?

3. Take a moment to recall specific memories of that person teaching you, helping you develop this skill. Let the gratitude for that person come. Feel it envelope you. Tell someone about what this person did for you. Focus on the “who” and the “when” and the “how,” moving past just the “what.” Invite the listener to experience the gratitude you feel.

4. Now let your mind relax and imagine using that skill to help someone else. Envision your hands crafting, imagine your voice speaking or singing, see yourself in the act of helping someone else.

5. Consider turning your skill into a tool to uplift someone you perhaps haven’t even met yet. This is gratitude turned to action.