Upcoming Service Notes, April 17, 2016

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is Good Shepherd Sunday, a favorite every year.  We read the 23rd Psalm (King James Version) and we hear Jesus say “I am the good shepherd” in John 10 and this year we will hear about shepherding love in I John 3.

These scriptures have inspired some of the most beautiful hymns ever written.  We will sing three and hear the choir sing two more.  We will sing Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us, In Heavenly Love Abiding, and Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.  The choir will sing My Shepherd Is the Living God and the hauntingly beautiful Brother James Air setting of the 23rd Psalm.

God surrounds us constantly with shepherding love.  One of the ways God does that is through our Christ-like love for one another.  We will not only hear that good news, we will get to experience it by being a church family together on this joyous Easter-season Sunday!