Upcoming Service Notes, August 13, 2017

This  faith-full Sunday, August 13th,  we are delighted that Cass Poulos will again be filling the pulpit. She says:

“What we are told and learn about faith depends upon the teacher. Many of us who are older, may have learned that having faith means we never doubt, never waiver or falter in our walk with Christ. Younger folks may learn that wavering and faltering means we are human. Frederick Buechner, a Progressive theologian, said, ‘Faith is disorderly…intermittent [and] full of surprises.’   Examples of faithfulness in the New Testament vary…so what is a Christian to do? Come to church Sunday and we will explore how Peter might respond.”

Also returning to our morning worship will be flutist Lisa Barfield for the Special Music! She’ll play Humperdinck’s  Evening Prayer and  C. Franck’s  Adagio from Chorale in A minor. (Click on the highlighted titles to hear these lovely pieces)

What hymns of faith-FULL-ness did you grow up singing?

So familiar, yet never failing to penetrate deeply and lovingly into our hearts, When Peace Like a River (It Is Well With My Soul) was written out of grief over the loss of the author’s four daughters in the sinking of the SS Ville du Havre.  In a late change of plan, Spafford had sent the family ahead while he was delayed on business. While crossing the Atlantic in 1873, the ship sank rapidly after a collision with another ship and all four of his daughters died. Only his wife Anna survived. Soon  afterwards, as he sailed to meet his grieving wife, he was inspired to write these words as his ship passed the spot where his daughters had died.  The tune, named after the ship, was composed by Philip Bliss in 1876.

Our opening hymn on Sunday is Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty … written by Church of England Bishop Reginald Heber  in 1826 for Trinity Sunday celebration. After his unexpected death at age 43, his wife found the faith song amongst some of his writings, and passed it on to noted musician John B. Dykes (1823-1876), who composed and arranged the hymn for publication.

How Firm a Foundation in our Pilgrim Hymnal is set to the familiar tune of Adeste Fidelis (O Come, All Ye Faithful). This was the favorite hymn of General Robert E. Lee and has been played at the funerals of several U.S. politicians. On Christmas Eve 1898, American units involved in the Spanish–American War joined together to sing the faith-full hymn. The units were from the North and the South.

Organist John Atwood will be playing F. Peeters’  Song as the Prelude and Cantilene as the Offertory. For the Postlude he will gift us with Pachelbel’s serene and contemplative Fugue in D minor.
 And hold your hats … next week we will have Michael Zsoldas joyously improvising on the saxophone when Rev. Michael Caldwell fills the pulpit!