Upcoming Worship, Oct. 22nd, 2017

Enter into the fascinating world of sermon preparation this week as Pastor Jeff shares his outline:

Moses is allowed to see the glory of God but not the face of God. Why? Is it possible for human understanding to contain God’s fullness? If not, then, a degree of mystery seems necessary for faith.

PURPOSE: To convince the congregation that God is never possessed by the scope of human vision.

CENTRAL IDEA: God is never possessed by the scope of human vision. (BECAUSE)

  1. We are finite beings. God is infinite in time and space.
    1. Reinhold Niebuhr
    2. Cite an example of how finitude effects our virtue.
    3. Niebuhr quote on what limited knowledge means for the workings of love.
  2. Believing one’s understanding/vision is the full revelation of God is fraught with dangers.
    1. See above
    2. Leads to idolatry in the name of piety.
    3. Presumes a righteousness reserved for God alone.
    4. Stands in judgment of those who do not meet one’s standards of Godly virtue.
  3. To have arrived is to have lost. Life is a quest for a fuller understanding of the relationship between God’s will and my desires.

Click here to listen to the compelling prelude John Atwood will play for us on Sunday morning (and check out that organ in the video!).

He tells us, ” In general terms, we continue with the French organ music of F. Couperin’s ‘Mass for the Parishes’. Next week we go German in honor of Martin Luther featuring Bach’s version of “A Mighty Fortress” and Pachelbel’s extended version of the same hymn which absolutely shimmers on Steve Russel’s organ. Then the first Sunday of November we will finish up Couperin’s work. The French classical literature seems to work especially well with Communion as the service moves a bit more as a Roman service. “